A2 40 pin and A3 70 pin battery replacement

Caterpillar battery replacement service is not available at this time.

Estimated cost for this service: Due to lack of parts availability we are temporarily not accepting Caterpillar ECM repairs

Estimated repair time:

Typically RTC related failures do not set a diagnostic code in a Caterpillar ECM. The first symptom will usually be in the ECM logs. Dates and times will be wrong, diagnostic codes will no longer be stored, and engine performance data will get screwy. With DDECs the date and time go back to January 1st 1985 every time the key switch is cycled. I got in the habit of calling it ECM Alzheimer’s. Unlike DDECs I have never seen a Caterpillar RTC battery issue strand someone on the side of the road. I am not saying it couldn’t happen…I’m just saying I’ve never seen it happen. If you can live without accurate ECM records from your Caterpillar ECM I would say it’s not worth the trouble to put a new battery in. But if your Caterpillar ECM’s Alzheimer’s and it’s driving you crazy then send it in and we will fix the problem.

We are temporarily not accepting Caterpillar ECM repairs