Caterpillar programming service

Caterpillar ECM fuel mileage and power programming and tuning service page Common applications: C15, C16, C12, 6NZ, 7CZ, 3406E 2WS, MBN, 5EK, 6TS, 5DS, 1LW, BXS, MXS, NXS

Welcome to the Caterpillar programming service page. Caterpillar engines are heavy, high torque, low rpm engines that can lug like no other engine can. They aren't going to be the best engine for fuel mileage however they are the engine of choice when hauling over 80,000. If horsepower and torque are the number one priority then it has to be a Caterpillar.I never was much of a Caterpillar fan boy but after spending a few months with an NXS C15 ACERT on an engine dynamometer I became a believer. I repeatedly recorded the engine dynamometer data myself and when I turned up the fuel on that ACERT it produced over 3,000 ft/lbs at the flywheel. That statistic by itself is remarkable but what really floored me was it made that torque at 1,000 rpm. Let me say that one more time....three thousand foot - pounds at one thousand rpm...out of a 15.2 liter engine. From that moment forward the ACERT Caterpillar has been my second favorite engine. I recommend Caterpillar anytime engine performance is more important than fuel economy.

We can service the programming of A2 (40 pin) A3 (70 pin) and A4 (120 pin) ECMs.  Please click one of the three links below to proceed.