Caterpillar A3 70 pin testing

Caterpillar ECM diagnostic testing is only being offered on a very limited basis at this time. Common applications: C15, C16, C12, 6NZ, 7CZ, 3406E 2WS, MBN

If you're having problems with you're Caterpillar and not testing your ECM you're making assumptions and every now and then assumptions can come back to bite you. We have all done it and in some situations its necessary but if you're in a situation like that we may be able to take away some of the guess work you're forced to otherwise do. Why kill you're starter trying to figure out why your engine isn't starting? Before you pull out that can of ether give us a call. It might be ECM related or it could just be air in the fuel we'll be happy to help you rule out the cause.

Caterpillar A3 70 pin ECM dyno testing

Caterpillar A3 bench testing is unavailable at this time.

DCS can test all systems of a Caterpillar A3 70 pin ECM.

- 0-max rpm under load

- Cylinder cutout test

- Fan driver output test

- Temperature and pressure sensor response test