DCS remanufactured DDEC IV

DCS remanufactured DDEC IV

We don't sell anything that hasn't been internally inspected and thoroughly tested. DCS remanufactured DDEC IIIs and DDEC IVs endure the most rigorous quality control testing in the industry.

Endurance Injector test: Each unit has to pass rigorous 12 hour long test under full throttle and full load while being heated to over 150 degrees.

The TRS (Timing Reference Sensor) and SRS (Synchronous Reference Sensor) inputs are the timing signal inputs on a DDEC. These two inputs count timing reference points to determine crankshaft and camshaft position. A problem with the TRS or SRS can cause the engine to misfire or stall and create a no start problem. The DCS ECM dyno is a one of a kind system that finds issues with these two inputs. During the 12 hour test these inputs are tested over 35,000,000 times and if a single tooth is missed or an injector misfire occurs it will be detected and logged. 

If a maximum speed limit is programmed the loss of the vehicle speed sensor signal will cause a harsh derate and misfire at 1800 rpm. The DCS ECM dyno also tests this input by simulating a speed of 66 miles an hour during the 12 hour test. Any issues with this input will be detected during this test. The cruise control functionality and throttle position input is also tested during this period.

Jake functionality is also tested. The Jake outputs are the highest continuous duty current outputs in a DDEC. Because these outputs are high current they get hot internally and can burn out. Each DCS remanufactured DDEC must supply sufficient current to the Jakes outputs for a minimum of 5 minutes without shutting off and without overheating.

A Cooling fan functionality test done at 1200 RPM. Simulating coolant temperature increase to 220 degrees and verifying the cooling fan is activated. Also if the option is configured the AC pressure switch input is triggered to check that the cooling fan activates.

Engine protection systems are also tested. A loss of oil pressure is simulated at 1200 rpm and the DDEC must derate and shutdown to pass the test.

All DCS remanufactured DDEC IVs have a new OEM internal battery, new memory and new electrolytic capacitors installed on every unit.

The current DCS remanufactured DDEC IV cost per unit is $1000. (+$400 core charge if core is not sent in at the time of purchase*) Please call for availability

ECM will be blank or have a functionality test program

Programming and custom programming options are available at additional cost

*Core must be repairable to get full core value