DDEC programming service

Detroit Diesel DDEC ECM fuel mileage and power programming and tuning service page. Common applications: Series 60 11.1, Series 60 DDEC III 12.7 GK, Series 60 DDEC IV MK BK PK, Series 60 14.0 HK HV

As far as torque nothing is going to beat a Caterpillar. Horsepower however....that's debatable. For those of you who don't know what a DDEC and a Series 60 can do...go to youtube and type in "Mike Ryan Pikes Peak" and get educated. Detroit Diesel built an amazing and unique engine with the Series 60. Detroit knows what their engine can do but the bulk of the Series 60 market catered to huge fleets that wanted detuned engines that couldn't be abused no mater how they were driven. The Freightliner Mike Ryan drives is the prime example of how the Series 60 continues to evolve even though it's been out of production in the highway market for years.

The evolution of this engine needs to be carefully understood before any changes to the ECM or any other system can be made. If you’ve ever had an overhead done, replaced injectors or a camshaft, or got a rebuild done on your Series 60 odds are your engine has already changed and you might not even be aware of it. Most guys don’t think too much about why a part number gets superseded. I do, and so should anyone else who makes a change to a factory ECM program. Unless the ECM programmer knows which stage of evolution your Series 60 is currently in they are being careless with your fuel and reckless with your engine.

I see more Series 60 “diesel doctor” victims than with any other engine type. Over the last few years I’ve heard stories about more and more diesel doctors running around truck stops offering fuel mileage and horsepower for a few hundred bucks. The last one I talked to didn’t know what a camshaft was. If you’re a diesel doctor victim hopefully all the good doctor did was set your injector trims to 5232. This is something I can set back easily as long as you have your old injector trims or are willing to look under the valve cover and get them. Things get harder though if the hack job overwrote your old program with some generic BK program with that 17 degree timing garbage. Now we’re stuck trying to find out what camshaft you have.  Here is a fun fact: Between 1994 and 1997 the 12.7 DDEC III had 4 different camshafts and between 1998 and 2002 the 12.7 DDEC IV had 12 different camshafts.