DDEC III to IV Internal inspection and resealing

DDEC III, and DDEC IV circuit board cleaning and resealing

Estimate cost for this service: $200

Estimated repair time: 24 hours

Most DDEC III and DDEC IV ECM failures happen because oil or fuel gets inside the ECM.

The ECMs first layer of defense are its RTV silicone gaskets. If your ECM has fuel or oil on it, the RTV silicone gasket seals are slowly dissolving. RTV silicone is oil and fuel resistant but not oil and fuel proof. 19 out of 20 ECM failures due to oil or fuel in the case are because of a silicone gasket failure. Furthermore not all RTV silicone is the same. I know of more than a few companies using cheaper general purpose RTV to reseal the ECM. This type of RTV will not last as long as the OE RTV. At DCS we only use original equipment spec RTV even though the cost is higher and the RTV is harder to get. Your ECM is worth it and deserves the same high quality RTV that was used when it was manufactured. At DCS anytime we open up an ECM to check the condition of the internals we remove and replace the RTV seal with the same RTV the factory uses.

The ECMs second and final layer of defense is a special silicone conformal coating that coats the circuit board in a thin layer of non-conductive silicone. Just like RTV this silicone will dissolve over time when it gets in contact with fuel or oil. Once fuel or oil eats a hole in this coating board circuits (traces) and ECM component legs start to dissolve as electricity moves through them. While this is happening voltage from damaged circuits starts to conduct to neighboring circuits and the ECM starts showing symptoms of a problem. This could be anything from an injector misfire to a low coolant light even though the coolant tank is full. If this starts happening to you and you’ve ruled out all the other causes it’s not too late to send the ECM in to us to get checked out. If you get it to us soon enough many times we can save the ECM before any major repairs are necessary.

Even if your DDEC III or IV is not acting funny but it’s been oil or fuel soaked for a few years it’s a good idea to get it resealed. At DCS we use high quality industrial conformal coating that is made in Canada.  Your ECM’s last line of defense should be a strong one. So at DCS we don’t skimp out on the quality of the protective conformal coating we use to reseal the circuit board of your ECM.

DDEC Vs rarely have the seal problems the older DDECs do.We generally advise against routine internal inspection and resealing of DDEC 5 ECMs