DDEC III and IV memory replacement

Detroit Diesel ECM DDEC III and DDEC IV internal memory replacement - Common applications: Series 60 11.1, Series 60 DDEC III 12.7 GK, Series 60 DDEC IV MK BK PK, Series 60 14.0 HK HV

Estimated cost for this service: $500 

If the DDEC no longer runs and the original program cannot be recovered an additional programing fee of $100 will apply to replace the factory program.

Estimated repair time: 24 hours

The DDEC III doesn't have RTC battery issues like the DDEC IV and DDEC V. The weak link in a DDEC III are the memory chips. When the diagnostic code for Nonvolatile memory failure or Nonvolatile memory data incorrect (Flash 53) pops up most technicians believe an ECMs memory chip has failed and it's time to core the ECM. Sometimes they're right and sometimes fuel and oil gets inside the ECM case covers the circuit board and bridges the tiny gaps between chip pins. This sets off the code but doesn't always cause permanent damage if caught soon enough. DCS can save your ECM from ending up in a core pile by finding and fixing issues related to circuit board contamination.  If it turns out that your ECM's non-volitile memory failure code is actually from a bad memory chip then we can change the bad memory chip and reprogram the DDEC  for you. So as soon as you see this code give us a call. We might be able to save it before too much damage is done.