DDEC III to IV No Start circuit repair/component replacement

Detroit Diesel ECM DDEC III, and DDEC IV, circuit board repair/component replacement - Common applications: Series 60 11.1, Series 60 DDEC III 12.7 GK, Series 60 DDEC IV MK BK PK, Series 60 14.0 HK

Estimated cost for this service: From $450 to $900

Estimated repair time: highly variable

Once you have seen a DDEC II and a DDEC III next to one another there is no mistaking the two. The DDEC II has a different case with connectors only on one end. The DDEC III and DDEC IV case has connectors on both ends. Telling the difference between a newer DDEC III and DDEC IV can be challenging without looking at the tag or opening up the case. DDEC II uses an older rigid circuit board and old removable flash memory chips. This is one reason why only basic programming services are available for DDEC II. Components for the DDEC II are also hard to come by. Most DDEC II owners are forced to convert to a DDEC IV unit. This involves replacing the wiring harness and adapting a special DDEC IV program to accommodate DDEC II sensor groups and timing reference points. As long as you have your original engine model number we can make a DDEC III or IV compatible with your DDEC II engine. Repairs to circuit board traces on the first layer of laminate are almost always successful. If the second layer is badly damaged then it is usually better to core the ECM or keep it as a back up even if it shows no symptoms of having a problem. We look for this kind of damage first before attempting a repair and if we find damage on the second layer we will give you a call before attempting any repairs.